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Effect of Mercury's transit at ~8° in May 2010

Mercury is almost stationed at 8 and 9 degrees in Aries from May 6th to May 17th 2010. And it will be 8 degrees May 9th to May 14th. Mercury normally is a fast-moving planet. For Aries, Libra and Aquarius Mercury is Malefic while for all other ascendant it is a benefic planet.

What it means is that if your ascendant is Aries, Libra or Aquarius and rising degree of your ascendant is within 5 degrees of 8 degree i.e., if it is from 3 degrees to 13 degrees, it may give you stress in different areas of life like health issue for you and/or spouse,  mental stress, trouble in foreign lands, trouble in business etc etc depending upon the ascendant and your natal chart. While for other ascendants, it will give good  results if rising degree of ascendant lies within 3 to 13 degrees. Closer it is to 8 degrees, more intense the effect(good or bad).

You can find your ascendant and its rising degree at 

If you have Aries, Libra and Aquarius ascendant, you should do propitiation of Mercury. Propitiation of Mercury can be done by doing any/all of following if possible:

1. Helping poor students and needy children.
2. Donating to orphanages, twice a year.
3. Offering green fodder (about 2 Kg) to a cow.
4. Donating green pulses.


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