Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Important 2010 transits

Saturn will stay in Virgo all year. Jupiter spends most of the time in Pisces and some time in Aquarius during early and ending part of the year. Mars will be in Cancer upto May. Venus will spend last months of the year in Libra.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Effect of transit nodes (Rahu and Ketu)

Rahu and Ketu are functional malefic planets in any chart. In Systems approach to Vedic Astrology also called SATVA, we consider true nodes instead of mean value of nodes Rahu and Ketu are always 180 degress from each other. So if, say, Rahu is at 10 degrees in Aries, Ketu shall be at 10 degrees in Libra! They aspect 5th,7th and 9th houses from their position.

Whenever Nodes aspect or transit over the natal and/or transit position of weak planets in ones chart, they create problems related to general and particular significations of the planets affected and houses of their placement. When we say 'Transit over' the planet that means it is within 5 degrees of the planet. When the aspect is wider than 5 degrees little effect is seen. Similarly when they are transiting or have aspect within 5 degrees of any house, they damage the significations of the houses.

Rising degree of ascendant is called middle point of the ascendant and same is considered middle point of any house. e.g., if somebody is born in Aries at 13 degrees, 13 degrees become the middle point of any house and when Nodes (or any planet for that matter) go from 9 degrees to 18 degrees, they will form close conjunction with the houses of placement and aspect. When the influence is within 1 degrees of a weak planet tragic happenings may take place. It becomes more pronounced if the Nodes are going slow during that time. Nodes going slow would mean they will stay within close influence for longer time and hence afflicting more damage.

This always is stressful time for any native. Having strong natal planets help in this scenario. When nodes are going over their own natal nodal positions or is in 5/9 aspect to the natal positions, it gives challenging time to the native, specially so if nodes are going slow in transit during that time. If during such transit influence native is going through a sub-period of a weak and/or afflicted planet, specially a functional malefic, the pain is bound to be more pronounced. By identifying the times when nodes will go slow over certain degrees can help manage stress during those times if these degrees happen to match the rising degree of the ascendant.

Influence of Rahu and Ketu can be mitigated by doing following astral remedies:


  • Serving one's parents.

  • Giving part of your breakfast, sweet parantha or coarse grains to the birds, preferably crows.

  • Donations to old aged needy persons or lepers, twice a year.

  • Feeding brown colored sweets to the birds.


  • Offering some food to a stray dog.

  • Donations to the old age homes, twice a year.

  • Prayers to Lord Ganapathi.

  • Serving/helping institutions or persons working for spiritualism.