Wednesday, July 29, 2020

President Trump's Re-election: Looking through the lens of Systems Approach To Vedic Astrology (SATVA)

I am an Astrologer who has been practicing Astrology for many years. I follow the Principles of Systems Approach To Vedic Astrology (SATVA) taught to the world by Late Professor V.K. Choudhry from India. 

Today is July 29th, 2020, and based on President Trump's horoscope, I am giving him a very good chance of re-election. If I have to give an answer in yes or no, I would say, Yes, he will be re-elected. Here is President Trump's Vedic Astrology Chart and my reasoning:

In 2016 when most Astrologers and psephologists were predicting candidate Trump's loss in the election, Professor V. K. Choudhry, the founder of Systems Approach To Vedic Astrology, predicted a Trump victory. That underlines the accuracy of SATVA. In 2016, Candidate Trump was about to start a strong period/sub-period of Jupiter. Jupiter is a very auspicious functional benefic in his chart and is strongly placed in 2nd house. The second house is the house of status. Lord of 9th house, fortune, Mars is on the Most Effective Point of Lagna. This was a formidable combination to beat. 

Now let us fast forward to 2020. Trump, now is running Saturn's Subperiod in Jupiter's main period. Jupiter is strong, Saturn is not (It is in infancy, has bad placement, and has weak dispositor) but is not as terrible. 9th house lord Mars, placed in the royal sign Leo, is aspecting Saturn's Mool-Trikon sign, Aquarius. It is a strong influence. It is important to understand that due to this influence by 9th lord, good results related to Mars and the 9th house shall be bestowed in the sub-period of Saturn. As per SATVA, "during the sub-period of a planet all the impacts on the house, which contains the MT sign of the said planet, also come into force. Due to such influences on the MEP by a strong functional benefic planet, even the sub-period of a weak planet would be blessing the native with good or very good results."  So despite the weakness of Saturn, good results due to the auspicious influence of 9th house lord will be realized.  Saturn also enjoys the company of 3rd lord (initiatives/efforts).

Regarding the placement of sub-period lord Saturn in 12th house, as per Systems Approach, "The significations of the house of placement are touched when transit planets create benefic or malefic influences on the sub-period lord" so until there is a bad transit influence on Saturn, it shouldn't cause troubles related to malefic 12th house. 

Now coming to the transit of Saturn and transits on election day, Saturn is in the 6th house of enemies and will stay there through the election day, so expect and we are seeing constant attacks on President Trump. On election day, Saturn would be at 2 degrees in 6th house, in a mutual aspect with Natal 3rd lord and natal Saturn and no malefic aspects, which is good. As per SA, "During the sub-periods of the FBs, the benefic transit impacts are stronger while malefic transit impacts are mild".  Jupiter, the main period lord, would be in the 5th house in Sagittarius. Sun Debilitated but well placed. The big one however is the Transit nodes going over the natal positions. Nodes are transiting natal positions but are not stationed (stationing of nodes makes it more serious). As per Professor Choudhry, periods, when nodes go over the natal position, give stress. I have seen that these periods give stress related to work or the things we are normally involved in, if the running sub-period is not terribly bad or if there aren't any other terrible transits going on in which case there could be tragic happenings. So for President Trump, it could just be a stressful time which likely would be due to campaign-related hectic schedule, constant attacks by the opposition, etc. His health may suffer too.

Also, I would like to add to this, the reasoning given by a fellow SATVA Astrologer, Thor (http://cosmologer.blogspot.comearlier:

1) As per Professor Choudhry, political success takes time to achieve but once achieved continues even in weak sub-periods.

2) in July 2021, Trump is about to start a super-strong sub-period of 2nd lord Mercury placed in 11th house, in a super-strong main period of 5th lord Jupiter placed in the second house. This is not the sub-period of a person who just lost an election and is facing ridicule. This points to Trump's resurgence.

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